Monday, December 9, 2013

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Dog Flea Treatment : A Comprehensive Approach

Dog Flea Treatment

Dog Flea Treatment

Flea infestations or Dog Flea Treatment are very common and your dog will more than likely suffer at some point during its life. The parasite is most troublesome during the warmer months of the year. However due to central heating, your home will provide the ideal environment for fleas to breed all year round. For this reason it is recommended that you treat your dog for fleas during the course of the whole year.

The first sign that something is wrong is usually a pet's incessant scratching and biting the skin. Dog Flea Treatment There are many types of fleas so understanding the life cycle of the parasite is the best way to effectively rid the animal and the environment of the infestation. Different products attack the problem in different ways.

The life cycle of the adult flea is typically seven to fourteen days. During this time they feed off the blood of the host animal and reproduce quickly. The eggs generally fall off of the pet and can land on furniture, carpeting, pet bedding and anywhere else the animal spends time including the outdoors. Dog Flea Treatment As the eggs hatch the young parasites find their way back to the pet to begin the cycle again.

It is very important to develop a comprehensive approach in flea control. This will involve not only treating your beloved pet but the environment in which it lives too. Dog Flea Treatments for your dog come in many forms such as powders, shampoos, collars, sprays as well as "spot-on" medicine. Attention to detail is required vacuuming your home to ensure you don't miss those hard to reach areas. Particular attention should be paid to your pet's bedding, skirting boards and sofa cushions.

Whatever regimen the pet owner chooses, consistent use is vitally important to effective pest control. Read the directions and follow them exactly. This will insure success in the safest way possible.

Before the end of this topic " Dog Flea Treatment ", you can learn more about Canine Hip Dysplasia and how to free your dog from it.

A responsible pet owner is a loving pet owner. A little due diligence with a commitment to continued Dog Flea Treatment will keep the animal and the home environment pest free. Dog Flea Treatment


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