Sunday, December 15, 2013

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The Best Indestructible Dog Bed

Indestructible Dog Bed

Indestructible Dog Bed
Making a search for indestructible dog bed mean that your current one may have chunks of fill ripped out, a torn cover, or gaping holes in it. Whether a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, if a dog chews, digs, or scratches to such an extent that their bed has become a casualty, an indestructible bed is in order

Why Do Dogs Destroy Their Beds?

Stress : If left alone, some dogs feel a lot of stress. Dogs are pack animals, and, as such, feel more comfortable with others around.

Boredom : Dogs that are not stressed are often bored. This is often the case with highly intelligent dogs that are left on their own for long periods of time.

Lack of Exercise : Some dogs don’t get enough exercise, and they chew or dig furiously to let off pent up energy.

Age : While a dog is still a puppy, they will chew as a matter of course as their teeth come in. Teach them what is appropriate to chew now, to avoid them chewing on forbidden items (including their bed) later.

That's why you need an Indestructible Dog Bed, and the best way to get it, you need to check for Indestructible Dog Beds and feel free to make your search you will find what you need.

What if the Dog Doesn’t Like the Bed?

Sometimes a dog may not take to a bed immediately, but there are some tricks to help convince a dog that his bed is a great place to be.

Let the bed pick up someone's scent that he's comfortable with, this can be done by rubbing it on their bare skin. The idea behind this is that the dog likes them and because of this they'll love the idea that this person's scent is on the bed. It will make the bed feel cosy to the dog. If the bed is replacing one that the dog liked, another option is to take the cover off and put it on the new bed; and put the new bed where the old one used to be.

Put the dog’s toys in the bed. If the dog plays fetch, get them to retrieve their toy or ball from the new bed.
A further option is to put the dog gently into the new bed or lead them onto the bed with a treat and then praise them lavishly and give them a treat. This can work at anytime so when they get near the bed, praise him. Entice them onto the bed by patting it and invite them to step on it. When given a treat each time they steps on the bed, and by making them come further forward for the treat each time, they'll soon become accustomed to the bed and begin using it.

Place the bed in the place the dog loves to sleep, and make sure that it is free from foot traffic, noise, drafts, etc. The idea is that the dog will feel cosy and safe in his bed.

Don't scold the dog or punish him for not using the bed; as otherwise they can draw unwelcome associations with the bed rather than associating it with good scents, good feelings, praise, treats, etc.

Something like this should be approached with patience; it can take a week or more for the dog to become accustomed to their new bed.


Finding the right dog bed can be a difficult process, especially if the dog has some destructive tendencies. Thankfully there are a wide variety of beds on the market that are indestructible – made with the needs of the home and the dog in mind. And remember that your dog need some time to like the new Bed.


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