Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Dog Pain Relief Strategies

Dog Pain Relief

Dog Pain Relief Strategies

Have you ever been in the middle of some agonizing pain and you're at a loss at what to do about it? Imagine how much worse it is for our pets. I mean, he can't even express himself properly how much more find out what he needs to get rid of the pain? It is therefore up to us to recognize when our animals are feeling discomfort and look for the best ways to take it away from them safely.

Canines that are in pain exhibit symptoms that are pretty much the same regardless of the reasons that may have caused it. These dogs will often whimper, refuse to eat or drink, be depressed, tremble and shake and show signs of laziness. When these symptoms manifest, it's time you visit the vet and get a proper diagnosis of his condition.

Fortunately, dog pain relievers are made available in pet stores and canine sites that will really help your pet. Expect the vet to prescribe an NSAID or non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug with a supplement to relieve pain. However, if you can't get to your vet right now, or if you need immediate help for your dog's condition, here are some simple dog pain relief at home remedies you can try.

One of the best things you can do is regulate your dog's movement right away so that he doesn't aggravate his condition. Put him down in a large and comfortable place where his food bowl and water dish is comfortable waiting for him. Regular, light exercise is good but you need to avoid unnecessary action until you know what his condition is exactly.

For pain caused by inflammation, put an ice pack on the affected area for 20 minutes. Do the ice pack therapy intermittently for the next 2 days until you see the swelling go down. Don't make the mistake of putting a warm compress on the swelling, it will not work. You can use warm compress to relieve tight spots in the dog's neck and shoulders instead.

Human medications should never be given as dog pain relievers at any time. Some people think that small amounts are fine, but small amounts given consistently can result in dire consequences to their health. Aspirin contains strong substances that cause ulcers and blood thinners. This is especially harmful if the dog is in recuperation or has severe bruising.

Another really good dog pain relief at home technique is simply to give your dog a massage. It is very calming to the stressed out dog, thus decreasing his discomfort. The massage will stimulate blood flow and also help in giving your dog's coat a healthier shine. Keep your dog's weight down and feed him a diet rich in essential nutrients needed for his health.

Sure, it is very frustrating and difficult to watch our dogs suffer through pain, but not all is lost. We can be strict with his healthy diet, and regular veterinarian visits for his best health. Be the responsible and loving owner that he knows you to be, and everything else will turn out fine. Enjoy!


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