Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Dog Agility Jumps - What You Need To Know

Dog Agility Jumps

Dog Agility Jumps

For any dog with an energetic personality, dog agility training can be a great activity. This is true for both small breeds and large breeds. Learning the agility skills can improve your animal's level of obedience and they truly crave this level of exercise. In addition, you will notice a great bond between the two of you. One fun option would be to set up a variety of dog agility training equipment in your yard.

Jumps are always popular with the dogs and provide great exercise, but many people are unsure as to how many jumps are needed and which ones to select first. While a dog agility course might just have one teeter and one A-frame and a single tunnel, there will definitely be many jump obstacles, so it is wise to consider setting up at least four jumps and probably as many as eight in your yard.

There are many different types of agility jumps and one simple type is called a single jump, and this just means that the dog will be jumping over a single pole of a certain height. Start out with several of these jumps and have your dog practice this skill from both left and right and in combination with other skills, such as an A-frame or a pause table.

After the dog has the single jump mastered, it's time to move on to double and triple jumps. These force the dog to jump a longer distance in the air without hitting the poles. Another good addition to your course would be a tire jump, which is a fun obstacle that you always see at dog competitions. In addition to jumps with poles, you also can purchase jumps with panels, and there are also fence wing jumps that feature either poles or panels.

In the beginning, it is probably all right to simply place two single jumps together to form a double jump, but eventually you will want to invest in an actual double jump and also a triple jump. This allows you to spread a bunch of jumps out in your yard for a solid practice section. Dogs really need to master that triple jump, so having one at your home can equal better success during a competition.

There are many companies that sell sturdy agility equipment such as Not only do they offer all of the jumps that you might need, they also have dog tunnels and chutes, agility dog walks, dog agility A-frames, teeter totters, pause tables and any other piece of agility equipment you might need. If you are just beginning, consider looking at their different starter kits, which contain a combination of items such as jumps, dog weaves and perhaps a teeter or a pause table.


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